Proganics Rewards Program

Earn 1 Proganics Rewards Dollar for every $25 you spend online or in-store
(We've made our reward program easy to follow: 1 Proganics Rewards Dollar = $1 AUD)

To say ‘Thank you’ to our loyal customers, we created the Proganics Rewards Program which is a simple and ‘rewarding’ program that rewards you for your brand loyalty.  Proganics Rewards is not limited to just our online shoppers that buy through our website but is also available to our customers that purchase from any one of our hundreds of retailers across Australia.  Unlike other loyalty programs that offer small reward options or inflated points values, Proganics Rewards is simple to understand and gives you one of the highest cashback rewards for dollars spent.

For every $25 you spend on Proganics products you are rewarded with 1 Proganics Reward Dollar.  Every Proganics Rewards Dollar has a value of $1 Australian Dollar. To put is simply, spend $25 and be rewarded with $1 to be used towards future purchases.

Online Purchase

No action is required

Your Proganics Rewards Dollars have been registered already to the email address you used to make your purchase and are available immediately to spend online.

In-Store Purchase

Register your Purchase

Complete the registration and upload your proof of purchase and we'll load your in-store Proganics Rewards Dollars into your account.  Hurry, time limits apply.

Proganics Rewards Dollars FAQ's

How do I redeem Proganics Rewards Dollars?
When you proceed to the checkout you'll be able to enter your unique code in the "Gift card or discount code" field to automatically apply your accrued Proganics Rewards Dollars to your order.

Do Proganics Rewards Dollars expire?
Proganics Rewards Dollars that are accrued from a purchase either online or in-store expire 12 months after the purchase date. All Proganics Rewards Dollars that are accrued as a result of a promotion or event will have their own expiry date which will vary. Please check the terms of the promotion for the expiry of promotion and event points.

How long does it take to load in-store Proganics Rewards Dollars?
As the process to load in-store Proganics Rewards Dollars is manually completed we ask that you allow us at least a week to action your rewards dollars.

Can I redeem Proganics Rewards Dollars in-store?
We're working to make this possible however at this stage Proganics Rewards Dollars are only redeemable online through our website.

When did the Proganics Rewards Dollars program commence?
The Proganics Rewards Dollars program commenced for purchases made after Tuesday 7 April 2020 and only purchases made after this date are eligible for Proganics Rewards Dollars.

How long do I have to register my in-store purchases?
You have 14 days from the date of purchase to register your in-store purchases and accrue Proganics Rewards Dollars.

In-Store Purchase - Hurry, you've only got 14 days from the purchase date to redeem your Proganics Rewards Dollars

IMPORTANT: If you haven't already registered an account on our website please click here to register so we can allocate the Proganics Rewards Dollars to this email address.

Register your in-store purchase using this form.