Our Story



With so many different protein powders on the market, some with grass fed and natural claims how do you guarantee what you are buying is really natural, organic and is only made from dairy that is truly free-range and isn't just clever marketing that is designed to confuse and mislead you?


The only true way to know your protein powder is exactly what it says it is and contains only the listed ingredients with no chemicals or anything artificial added is to choose Australian Certified Organic Whey.


PROGANICS Australian Certified Organic Whey is manufactured and packaged in Brisbane in our HACCP and ISO 9001 Quality Certified food manufacturing facility.  We wanted full control from sourcing only the highest quality and premium organic and natural ingredients to ensuring these ingredients are the only ingredients blended together and packaged to create our PROGANICS range.  How else do you guarantee and oversee every step of the procurement and manufacturing process, you do it all yourself!


Being certified with Australian Certified Organic is not an easy process and involves every aspect of our food manufacturing business from our manuals and procedures to stock ordering and receiving, storage, production, full inwards and outwards traceability and product formulations and recipes including suppliers scrutinised by an external auditor to ensure that every aspect of manufacturing our certified organic Whey meets the Australian Certified Organic standard and maintains organic integrity from farm to shake.


When you need to trust what you're buying is exactly what it says it is without any nasty chemicals, fillers or artificial ingredients then look for the Australian Certified Organic Bud logo and choose PROGANICS independently audited and certified organic Whey; the only guaranteed free range dairy on the market... we don't just claim our dairy comes from cattle that are free to roam and graze on New Zealand's grassy pastures, we guarantee it with every organic farm independently audited to be free-range and chemical free.