Protein Powders

Proganics Protein Powders are certified organic by Australian Certified Organic to ensure that all the ingredients are free from chemicals from farm to shake.

We have three different Protein Powders available:

Organic Plant Protein Plus (Vegan)

We've taken our original version and made it even better by adding a full serve of Vitamin B12 in every shake along with pre and probiotics to promote good gut health. We flavour Plant Protein Plus naturally with only organic approved flavourings and sweeten with organic Monk Fruit. Proganic Plant Protein Plus is a low sugar, low car, high protein shake that is deliciously tasty and is perfect for anyone on a low-carb diet or looking for a high protein shake for after exercise that is both good for your body both inside and out.

Organic Plant Protein (Vegan)

Our original version is made using three plant based proteins to give you a complete plant based amino acid profile with added coconut milk powder to give your body the good fats you need everyday. Proganics Plant Protein is flavoured naturally with organic approved flavourings and sweetened naturally with organic Stevia. Proganics Plant Protein is perfect for anyone requiring a high-protein recovery drink after exercise.

Organic Whey (Dairy Protein)