How do you trust your protein brand is doing the right thing?

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The sports supplement protein market is growing rapidly and is predicted to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars annually in Australia.  With the massive growth in this segment it's not unexpected that a lot of protein manufacturers are popping up with new formulas and brands everyday.  While some may be doing the right thing and hold the required food safety certifications there are a lot of manufacturers with the lure of huge profits that are making supplements from un-approved establishments or even from home while making false claims and substituting ingredients for the sake of money.  Worst part, you wouldn't even know if your protein manufacturer is doing the wrong thing!

With ingredient substitution plaguing the industry many lawsuits are being brought against large international companies alleged to be intentionally misleading consumers for the sake of saving a few dollars per kilogram and in return making millions of dollars by intentionally deceiving consumers.

It's not just the big guys fortifying their protein powders with amino acids instead of giving you protein from whey, it's happening everyday in Australia and when companies get caught out they close their doors one day and open up the next as a new brand doing exactly the same thing.

So how do you know which brand is doing the right thing? There is only one way to be 100% sure the ingredients in your whey are actually in your protein powder with no substitutions, ingredient additions, amino spiking or 'fortification'... and this is why PROGANICS Organic Whey was created.

After well over a decade in the supplement industry we've seen all the tricks and misleading practices that happen everyday.  We knew that we were doing everything right with our range but we needed a way to not only show but to prove to our customers that they could trust PROGANICS Organic Whey.  

We sourced Organic Whey direct from small dairy farms in New Zealand that had spent years converting their farms from conventional farming to organic farming where no chemicals and artificial hormones are used and cattle are truly free to roam outside and graze on green pastures. 

After sourcing the best organic and natural flavourings to make our organic whey delicious we then provided our whey recipe and opened our manufacturing facility and books to Australian Certified Organic to come in and audit our business and formulations to make sure everything we put into our protein powder is exactly what we put on the label and that all of our ingredients are truly natural and certified organic.  We passed with flying colours and we're given ACO Certified Organic status for our PROGANICS Organic Whey. 

Australian Certified Organic just doesn't audit us once, they audit our entire operation regularly and also when any new products are formulated or if existing products change.  They also account for every organic ingredient that enters our facility is used to make our organic Whey and that all manufactured organic whey is accounted for, both in stock and dispatched to ensure no substitutions have occurred. 

As the only company in Australia with certified organic whey from small converted certified organic farms in New Zealand you can trust that when you buy PROGANICS Organic Whey you are drinking a protein shake from a manufacturer that is independently audited to give you the confidence and reassurance that our whey is not only natural and certified organic but every ingredient is true to label.  Australia's honest Whey!

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