Made in Australia using New Zealand Certified Organic Whey Protein Powder

New Zealand has a reputation for making the best whey protein powder in the world and was our first choice for finding small family owned dairies that were organically certified to make PROGANICS Whey Protein Powder.

The only true grass fed whey ... guaranteed!
Does grass fed whey really come from grass fed dairy? With so many supplement brands making claims that their protein powder is grass fed, how do you know who is really telling the truth and who is just using fancy marketing terms and keywords to sell their protein powder?

Their are two types of dairy farming, conventional dairy farming which isn't audited for organic integrity and compliance and can use harmful chemicals and pesticides on and around the farm, they can feed cattle with artificial feed and use artificial processing aids to manufacture whey. This is what is commonly used in Australia with 99% of all brands using conventional whey and making all sorts of marketing claims.

or there is the natural whey...

The smarter, natural whey (...way) of organic dairy farming takes 3+ years to convert a farm from conventional and involves every aspect of the dairy farming business to be documented and externally audited on many occasions to make sure no harmful chemicals or artificial hormones are used on or around the farm and most importantly that livestock are truly free to roam and graze on natural grassy pastures that are chemical and pesticide free.

Organic whey protein powder from a certified organic farm is the only whey protein that comes from grass fed dairy that are free to live happily as nature intended ... guaranteed!


Sourced from small family owned New Zealand certified organic farms where the farmers care about the welfare and treatment of their cattle, PROGANICS Certified Organic Whey comes from healthy, happy cows that are free to roam outside and graze on green pastures that are chemical and pesticide free all year round.


Unlike other protein powders on the market that contain soy lecithin, PROGANICS Certified Organic Whey mixes easily and doesn't require a soy instantiser to be added. Our Soy Free Whey is independently tested in a NATA certified facility by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute to guarantee it's Soy Free! 



PROGANICS Certified Organic Whey contains no gluten and is manufactured in a HACCP certified facility that does not allow gluten or gluten containing ingredients. We guarantee our Whey is Gluten Free and we have it independently tested in a NATA certified facility by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute to guarantee it's Gluten Free Whey Protein! 



Independently audited and checked by Australian Certified Organic, PROGANICS Whey Protein Powder contains no genetically modified ingredients.


PROGANICS Certified Organic Whey Protein Powder is naturally sweetened using the highest quality Organic Stevia. We pick the highest quality organic Stevia from the leaf of the stevia plant to use in our naturally sweetened Chocolate and Vanilla Whey Protein. Our unflavoured Whey contains no sweetener.


Meet some of the New Zealand farmers that make the organic milk that is used to make PROGANICS Organic Whey.


Heritage Farm - Karaka, Papakura, New Zealand

The Yate's started dairy farming in 1977 and have been spray free since the 80's.  After converting their farm to organic in 2005 due to David having health issues that were believed to be related to the chemicals and toxins used through conventional farming, Heritage Farms has 165 Friesian Cows on 140 hectares and now makes organic farming a way of life.  


Willowbank Farm - Pokuru Te Awamutu, West Waikato, New Zealand

Breeding towards Friesian Cows and A2 A2 bulls for the last 6-7 years, David Harris converted Willowbank Farms to organic due to the health problems his cows were having with the fertilizer and sprays used on the fields the cows were grazing on.  Since 2005 Willowbank Farms has been removing all chemicals and sprays from their farm and stopped using antibiotics.  Now certified organic the cows are healthier with minimal health issues and they adopt a preventative rather than a reactive approach to the cow health.


Seasounds Farms, Pungarehu, New Zealand

With 30 years experience on his family owned 63 hectare farm right on the beach of Pungarehu, Phil has a mixture of 160 Friesian Ayrshires Jersey cross cows and has been organic since 2004 when he made the decision to make his farm sustainable for generations to come.


Cleavedale Farms, Matamata, New Zealand

Farming on Cleavedale Farms for over 5 generations and being certified organic for over 14 years, John and Michael Vosper's 80 hectare organic farm has 240 single-source A2 Jersey Cows and is located in the heart of Waikato which is known for its dairy farming. The Vosper family supply the local community with their own range of full cream organic milk through "Jersey Girl Organics". 

Australian Certified Organic Whey

The use of the Australian Certified Organic BUD logo on our PROGANICS Organic Whey packaging reassures you that all ingredients in our Whey along with the farms and our manufacturing facility is certified to the Australian Certified Organic Standard and every process has met rigorous checks to guarantee they are natural, chemical free and that our Whey maintains its organic integrity from farm to shake.

Through an extensive application process and regular external audits from Australian Certified Organic, PROGANICS proudly displays the ACO Certified Organic logo on our packaging to give you the confidence and trust that the product you are purchasing is exactly what it says it is.

PROGANICS Certified Organic Whey comes from grass fed and pasture raised cows and is the only true free-range whey on the market with every farm audited to make sure livestock are 100% free range.


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